“My son loves his yoga classes with Camille. When he has tried other group activities he has been overwhelmed and unwilling to join in, so I was amazed at how quickly he settled in and how much he enjoys taking part. He is always in a really good mood after his class.” Catherine

“My daughter absolutely loves yoga classes, her coordination has improved a lot, she sings the songs used and does the yoga poses from the class at home.” Ivana

“Lovely class full of lovely exercises and stretches for young children to fun music and stories.” Regina

“Since the twins have joined the class, they’ve been more flexible, they sleep better, they are more focused which has helped me with potty training. They enjoy the class and I love to watch how they show everyone what they have learned each week.” Sara

“The twins, Ava and Charlie, have very different personalities but at yoga they both had a great time. They learned to use their imaginations and they love the ‘resting’ time. They learned to concentrate and they had fun going on a new adventure every week. They loved colouring and making things at the end. They are using the ‘big breath’ and ‘Om’ when they are playing at home.” Marie.

“Ella has just started Yoga but already enjoys it and gets involved. The stories keep her engaged. I love that it introduces yoga postures and breathing techniques in a fun way.”

“We’ve been doing kids yoga for a year. I come with my daughter and her cousin. They were both 18 months when we started. Abigail and Maya really enjoy the class. They really love the music and stories. Step by step they also started to repeat the postures, first at home and then in the class. I think it is a wonderful way to introduce little children to yoga.” Diana
“Both my 3 year old and 5 year old enjoy the classes. My daughter always looks forward to the art and craft section at the end of the class. Would highly recommend.” Claire

“My son Victor loves coming to kids yoga. He loves doing all the fun positions and keeps doing it at home.” Cecile

“Katherine enjoys acting out stories and all the physical elements to it. It seems to be very creative and imaginative and still provides loads of exercise. It’s great for her to be active after sitting in a classroom all day, even when its pouring with rain!! She loves the social side too and has made great friends with kids.” Corinna

“The classes are excellent, well prepared and they fit in with our theme for the week. Camille really engages the children and they always ask when she is coming back so excited to see her and get involved. She's very caring and always happy to help and go the extra mile. I would definitely recommend her." Hope, Twice Times Nursery teacher

“The boys really enjoy this class- it is so interactive and holds their attention. I love that they are learning traditional yoga poses while having a fun time. Camille is always enthusiastic and creative with her themes. The boys love her!!!" Natalie

“Beautifully organized and prepared class. I really like the story that makes the yoga poses so entrenched into life/the story. Fantastic use of music stimulation! I wouldn’t change anything! Except maybe adding more classes!” Clara

“It is a fantastic relaxing class where William (2 ½ years) has thrived. Huge thanks.” Penelope

“I have had great feedback from staff and families at the nursery about the classes. The children look forward to yoga each week.” Emma at Bright Horizons Nursery

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