Children's Yoga

The benefits of yoga are well known, and the younger one starts, the better.  

Yoga has a tremendous effect on children and it is well documented that it improves concentration, focus and attention span as well as encouraging motor development, and co-ordination. It also strengthens the immune system and assists neuromuscular development. But most importantly it feels great.

We use a combination of music, adventure, stories and games in our classes and ensure they are really fun.
One week we may pretend to fly to the moon, have a moon walk, talk to the man in the moon, and whoosh back to Earth in our rocketships. The following week we might use a book such as Dear Zoo to practice trying different animal poses. We use different props and images to aid imagination and music is a key part of what we do. There is always time for relaxation at the end of every class.

We link lesson plans to the national curriculum, EYFS or topic work if that is required. 

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